The Whisper Of Your Soul By Karen Hackel

I am blessed to receive channeled messages. When I asked - Who are You - this was response I received

We are a culmination
Of knowledge of wisdom of thought
We are a continuum of love of light of peace
We are teachers
We are mothers
We are fathers
We are rich people
We are poor people
We are every person
We are Guides
Who now know
Who now understand
Who want to share and pass this wisdom
To all those ready to share
We are a team working together
We are here to support you
To nurture you
We are here

About the Author:​
Karen Hackel has channeled writings since 1998. Karen was born, raised and educated in South Africa. Her degree is in Psychology and Sociology. She emigrated to the USA in 1983. Karen and her husband Bob live in Safety Harbor, FL. She has a son Brett, who is in college. This is Karen's first book.