The Whisper Of Your Soul By Karen Hackel
A Guide Book for your Spiritual Journey of Awakening, Discovery and Enlightenment. Chanelled messages about universal topics including love, faith, death, time, healing, suffering and living life to the fullest.

These poems can be read aloud or silently. One will find new ideas and wisdom with each reading. They can be read again and again for deeper understanding because these writings tap into one's innermost truths, where the heart and soul meet the universal mind.

Regardless of how you use these writings, you will feel calm and peaceful as you read. So read a passage or two before bed, or pick up the book and read a random segment when you feel unusual stress. Peruse a few pages to jumpstart your day. With every reading, you will be reinvigorated and inspired.

I hope this book answers some of your questions and provides feelings of peace, love, comfort and healing. May it help guide you back to your true self, your essence, your core for it is a book about awakening and listening to the Whisper Of Your Soul.

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